Childcare Center Safety & Insurance Association
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Thank you for visiting the website of the Childcare
center Safety & Insurance Association(CSIA).

CSIA (the Childcare Center Safety & Insurance Association) is a non-profit corporation established in November of 2009 in accordance with the Child Care Act 「Article 31-2」. It was established to promote standardized accident prevention projects and quick and appropriate compensations for safety accidents occurring in childcare centers.

CSIA aims to be ‘a reliable and safe childcare environment’ and plans to pursue the following projects to this end.
  • First, improving a safe childcare environment through effective and continuous accident prevention projects.
  • Second, developing and supplying safety education and safety contents necessary for the reliable and safe childcare center environment.
  • Third, improving a safety net through an appropriate and reasonable compensation system for handling safety accidents.
  • Fourth, minimizing blind spots of accident compensations through the operation of mutual-aid products customized for childcare centers.
  • Fifth, promoting various projects for the welfare of infants, children, and childcare staff members.
We would like to ask for your generous support and kind encouragement. Thank you.

The Childcare center Safety & Insurance AssociationChairman Kim Young-oak